Table Light Q6


Table light Q6 is a battery power unit to light up dinner table, no matter for banquet or any other events. It has 6 RGB full color led and also 6 white led with high CRI. This table light can cover 360 degrees of your table and create fantastic atmosphere of any event both indoor and outdoor. Its battery can work up to 10 hours in auto run mode and around 15 hours in running single color.

Table light Q6 can be operated in wireless DMX mode, Master/Slave mode, and also in auto run mode. IR controller is supplied to make remote control as well.

Its magnetic base helps it to stand right in the center of table or on any metal surface. You can also put it on top of metal spike in your garden as a garden light. 

Table light Q6 is rated IP54. It is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.






  • - Clean design with rechargeable lithium-ion battery and led sources;



    - Equipped with 100% true wireless DMX transceiver;


    - Can create perfect RGB color mixing and neutral white atmosphere (CRI>90) ;



    - Magnet base easy to attach to metal plate underneath tablecloth;



    - 360 degree light coverage for round dinner table of 1.5-1.8m;


    OLED display with touch button for easy addressing and setup;



    - Magnet charge connector for easy plug to fixture DC port;



    - Rigid ABS case available as tour pack.





    Power input

     100-240VAC 50/60Hz


    Power consumption

     23W max.


    Power input connector

     Magnetic DC connector






     11.1V/ 8.8Ah


    Charge time

     About 4.5 hours


    Battery life

     Full power:  around 5 hours



     Auto color mixing:  around 10 hours



     Single color: around 15 hours

    Battery capacity  Percentage shown on OLED display  

    Light sources




    6x3W, RGB 3-in-1, 6x1W white led, CT6000~6500K

     White led CRI


    Beam angle

    360o coverage


    Led average life span

      50,000 hours






     7 static color + 10 dynamic colors



     Linear dimming 0-100% electronic dimmer



     Built-in dimming curves

       Strobe 0~25K Hz  
       Built-in color temperatures available  
       Costumized program savable  




    Control mode

     Master/Slave,Wireless DMX;Infrared remote control


    Control panel

     OLED display with touch buttons


    Physical & Construction




     Die-cast aluminum



     White painting or Chrome



     Magnetic pole attachable to metal base


    Net weight

     1.5 kg


    IP rating

     IP 54





    Tour case

     Rigid ABS case for 4 fixtures, 2 extension poles and 1 power station

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