NEXT H9 IP Chrome



NEXT H9 IP Chrome is an elegant battery uplighter with mirror finish. It is equipped with 9 x10W RGBWAUV hex color led, and have very bright output for outdoor applications.


NEXT H9 IP Chrome has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery fully protected against overcharging to maximize battery life span.


This fixture uses a very stable wireless DMX transceiver. The fixture can also be controlled with infrared remote controller. The IR controller can help users to achieve all working functions.


NEXT H9 IP has sturdy aluminum body and is durable to provide you with years of service. Its chrome housing can help to immerge itself into surroundings and makes your event looking more professional and impressive.

  • - Rechargeable lithium-ion battery;


    - Battery protection against overcharging, hence to ensure battery lifespan;


    - Aluminum chrome housing for temporary outdoor applications;


    - RGBWAUV 6-in-1 high power led for vivid color mixing;


    - 100% true wireless DMX transceiver;


    - OLED display with touch buttons for easy addressing and setup;


    - Infrared remote control;


    - Modular design for easy and fast maintenance;


    - Tilt adjustable 25°.

  • Electrical



    Power input


    100-240VAC 50/60Hz(Charge case)

    Power consumption



    Power connector


    Charge base




    Battery type


    11.1V 13Ah

    Recharge time

      Around 4.5 hours

    Battery life

      Around 5 hours to run full color


      Around 8 hours to mix colors


      Around 20 hours to run single color

    Light sources





    9x10W, RGBWA+UV hex color

    Beam angle



    Field angel



    Led average life span


    Over 50,000 hours




    Control mode


    DMX512,Master/Slave, Auto Run,
    Wireless DMX; Infrared remote control 

    DMX channel


    6/8/12 channels

    Control panel

      OLED with touch button

    Physical & Construction






    Housing color



    Fixture dimensions


    136 x 136 x 185mm

    Net weight


    2.6 kg

    Working temperature


    -10° - 40°C

    IP rating


    Top: IP65; Base: IP54

    Cooling    Natural cooling, silent operation
    Charge case    6 or 8-pack charge case
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