Led Star Curtain 6x3m RGB tri.color



This led curtain is a full color LED star curtain system. It features 128 pcs super bright ¢5 RGB 3-in-1 LEDs. LEDs are scattered randomly on a 6X3m drape to make real star sky effects.


The led star curtain has its own control system - one controller box StarLED and one driver box. StarLED controller is an interface to operate the whole system. StarLED controller has a two-row LCD display from which the user can configurate the system easily. The controller has two data outputs and can drive two 6x3m star curtains.


StarLED has 3-pin and 5-pin XLR DMX input and output ports. The drive board is installed inside the cloth, it drives 8 groups LED lamps in the curtain. each group with 16 pcs RGB LED lamps. So totally there are 128 pcs LEDs each curtain.



  • - Heavy duty fireproof molton fabric (SGS certified);

    - Super bright RGB tri-color led to create vivid starry effects;

    - 8 groups of led individually programmable;

    - Unique design for fast replacing faulty led without tools;

    - 7 static colors plus 10 dynamic preset programs;

    - Multiple control modes;

    - 3-pin and 5-pin XLR output connectors;

    - High quality controller box with built-in MeanWell power supply.





    Power input

     85~132VAC, 176~264VAC, 47~63Hz


    Power supply

     150W 7.5V


    Power consumption

     42W max


    Power fuse



    Data fuse

     10A max





    Light source

     128 pcs ¢5 super bright LEDs, RGB 3-in-1


    Led lifetime

     60,000 hours






     0-100% RGB dimming



     Fast strobe (speed adjustable), sound-activated



     10 pre-set programmers, built-in color macros



     Auto run programs with speed adjustable



      8 groups of LEDs controllable separately for various effects





    Control mode


     Sound activation,


    DMX channel

     Basic mode: 7 channels; Advanced mode: 28 channels;


    DMX connector

     3-pin and 5-pin XLR input/output ports  


    Control panel

     LCD display, control panel lockable


    Physical & Construction



    Curtain materia

     Fire retardant heavy duty cloth


    Curtain size

     6,000 x 3,000 mm


    Curtain net weight

     11.0 kg


    Gross weight

     13.5 kg (incl. controller and cables)


    Curtain color






    Controller material



    Controller box size

     248L x 148W x 43.2H mm


    Net weight

     1.2 kg


    Controller color






    Operating temp.

     0℃ ~ 50℃


    Operating humidity

     <80% RH


    Storage temp.

     0℃ ~ 50℃


    Storage humidity

     <60% RH



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